alumina ceramic boat

  • 1210-2021

    The characteristics and uses of several different alumina ceramics

    In fact, there are many types of alumina ceramics. If they are classified according to the main content of alumina, alumina ceramics can be divided into many types. Let’s learn about the characteristics and characteristics of the next several different alumina ceramics. Use it!

  • 1309-2021

    The development prospects of alumina ceramic products in the medical field

    The application of alumina ceramic products in the medical field has very broad prospects for development. Medical alumina ceramic products can be used as a substitute for bone tissue to help correction in orthopedic surgery. It can also be used for artificial joints or bones; it can be used for dental dentures and porcelain dentures, etc., which can effectively solve the problem of no substitutes, and alumina ceramics have many excellent properties, and they are also used during use. Very reliable and safe.

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