High Purity Alumina Ceramic

Jinzhou Yunxing Ceramics is the leading supplier of high purity alumina ceramic, laboratory products, sensors, thermocouple and any high temperature insulation working environment

The company's main products are: alumina ceramic tubes, alumina ceramic crucibles, alumina ceramic rods, alumina ceramic boats, alumina ceramic plates, alumina ceramic parts, etc.

Jinzhou Yunxing Industrial Ceramics Co.,Ltd
  • Notice of Correct in Leakeage Rate

    First many appreciate for the guidance provided by the customer of a century-old Japanese chemical company we cooperated with on the important data of our product performance. Through in-depth communication between our technical personnel, we found that there were the errors in the expression of the leakage rate in the performance index and changed it in time.

  • Completion of road laying in the new factory area

    Congratulations to the new factory area of Jinzhou Yunxing Industrial Ceramics Company, where the road laying has been completed. We will soon be able to enter the office and put into production.

  • Industrial Alumina ceramic 2-hole tube

    Our Alumina Ceramic 2-Hole Tubes stand out for their exceptional mechanical strength, ensuring longevity and resistance to external forces. Whether in high-impact environments or extreme conditions, these tubes remain robust and steadfast, guaranteeing the utmost safety for your metal wires.