High Purity Alumina Ceramic

Jinzhou Yunxing Ceramics is the leading supplier of high purity alumina ceramic, laboratory products, sensors, thermocouple and any high temperature insulation working environment

Jinzhou Yunxing Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd, founded in 2002. Yunxing Industrial Ceramics mainly produces various tubular-shape ceramic products and industrial ceramics whose Al2O3 contents are above 99.3%. Through several years' constant efforts and various colleagues' substantial support, Yunxing has developed into a certain-scale & professional ceramics production enterprise which has independent legal entity, private intelectual property, ability to develop independently, unique technology, complete management system, superior quality and good service.

Jinzhou Yunxing Industrial Ceramics Co.,Ltd
  • Alumina Ceramic Manufacturer (looking for distributors)

    Alumina ceramic products manufacturer(Looking for distributors)

  • Advantages Of Alumina Ceramics

    High mechanical strength, the flexural strength of alumina ceramic sintered products can reach 250MPa, hot pressing products can reach 500MPa, the strength can be maintained to 900℃ at high temperature

  • Purchasing season in March

    March will usher in the procurement season, the factory equipment, personnel, warehouse has been arranged, customers please rest assured to place an order.