High Purity Alumina Ceramic

Jinzhou Yunxing Ceramics is the leading supplier of high purity alumina ceramic, laboratory products, sensors, thermocouple and any high temperature insulation working environment

The company's main products are: alumina ceramic tubes, alumina ceramic crucibles, alumina ceramic rods, alumina ceramic boats, alumina ceramic plates, alumina ceramic parts, etc.

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  • What Are Alumina Ceramic Boats and How Do They Work in Tube Furnaces? Exploring Alumina Ceramic Boat Applications

    Alumina ceramic boats are a critical component in various high-temperature applications, particularly in tube furnaces. These specialized ceramic containers are crafted from high-purity alumina (Al₂O₃), offering a unique combination of properties that make them ideal for demanding environments. This article delves into the characteristics of alumina ceramic boats, their functionality in tube furnaces, and their wide-ranging applications.

  • What are the Common Applications of Alumina Ceramic Tubes in the Aerospace Industry?

    In the realm of aerospace engineering, every component must meet rigorous standards of durability, reliability, and performance. Alumina ceramic tubes have emerged as indispensable elements in various applications within the aerospace industry, owing to their exceptional properties and versatility. From thermal protection to electrical insulation, these tubes play critical roles in ensuring the safety and efficiency of aerospace operations.

  • The Heat Resistance Capabilities of Alumina Ceramic Furnace Tubes丨Comprehensive Test & Analysis

    In the pursuit of optimal performance and durability in industrial processes, the heat resistance capabilities of materials play a pivotal role. Among these, alumina ceramic furnace tubes have garnered significant attention for their potential to withstand extreme temperatures. To shed light on their performance, a comprehensive test and analysis were conducted, yielding insightful results.