Alumina Ceramic Tube

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    Alumina Ceramic Furnace Tubes

    Alumina Ceramic Furnace Tubes

    1.Alumina Ceramic Furnace Tubes are products made from the chemical compound with the same name ,alumina ceramic. Alumina ceramic, also known as aluminum oxide, is a combination of aluminum and oxygen.
    2.Alumina Ceramic Furnace Tubes is extremely hard and durable, resistant to compressive strength, resistant to weathering, resistant to chemicals, electrically insulating, highly dense and stiff and incredibly thermally conductive.
    3.Alumina Ceramic Furnace Tubes is up to twenty times more thermally conductive than the majority of other oxides.

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  • Industrial Ceramic Pipes

    Industrial Ceramic Pipes

    Industrial ceramic pipes, also known as alumina ceramic tube, is made of alumina (Al2O3) material.
    1. Industrial ceramic pipes are made of advanced alumina and have excellent heat and chemical resistance.
    2.The design of industrial ceramic pipes has excellent heat transfer performance.
    3. Industrial ceramic pipes are customizable and easy to install, making them an excellent choice for various engineering applications.
    4. The design of industrial ceramic pipes has durability and long-term usability, ensuring that you get the maximum return from your investment.

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  • Industrial Alumina Ceramic 9-Hole Tube

    Industrial Alumina Ceramic 9-Hole Tube

    1.Industrial Alumina Ceramic 9-Hole Tube has high hardness and temperature resistance
    2.Industrial Alumina Ceramic 9-Hole Tube exhibit extraordinary mechanical strength, ensuring their durability and reliability even under extreme conditions.
    3.Industrial Alumina Ceramic 9-Hole Tube have good electrical insulation and ion conductivity.
    4.The optical properties of Industrial Alumina Ceramic 9-Hole Tube make it very suitable for high-precision optical equipment.

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  • Alumina Industrial Ceramic Tube

    Alumina Industrial Ceramic Tube

    1.Alumina industrial ceramic tube have excellent wear resistance and long service life.
    2.Alumina industrial ceramic tube have a smooth surface and low friction coefficient.
    3.Alumina industrial ceramic tube have low volume density and light weight.
    4.Alumina industrial ceramic tube can resist corrosion from various acids, alkalis, and salts, with a hardness second only to diamonds.
    5.The thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity of alumina industrial ceramic tube are low, and the working temperature can reach 1700 ℃.

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  • Extruded Alumina Ceramic Tube/Pipe

    Extruded Alumina Ceramic Tube/Pipe

    1. Alumina ceramic tube is a ceramic material mainly composed of aluminum oxide (Al2O3).
    2. The surface of alumina ceramic tube is flame retardant and has good fire resistance, which will not affect their working performance at a high temperature of 1200 degrees.
    3. The strong corrosion resistance on the surface of alumina ceramic tubes makes it easy to clean with a washing solution.
    4. The alumina ceramic tube is made of zirconia alumina material, which has been proven to be an anti-static material unless it reaches a certain level of low conductivity.
    5. The surface structure of alumina ceramic tubes is finely processed, making them less susceptible to damage under the influence of external hard objects, and the ceramic tubes have strong resistance to impact.

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  • 2-Hole Alumina Tube

    2-Hole Alumina Tube

    1. Improved temperature accuracy: 2-Hole Alumina Tube are able to provide a more accurate temperature measurement, since they reduce the effects of external environmental factors on the readings.
    2. Increase durability: The insulation layer reduces the impact of heat, cold, vibration, and other environmental factors, making the 2-Hole Alumina Tube more durable and less prone to damage.
    3. Reduced energy costs: By helping to maintain the temperature of the pipes, 2-Hole Alumina Tube can reduce energy costs associated with heating or cooling systems.
    4. Improved safety: 2-Hole Alumina Tube are able to reduce the potential for electric shock.
    5. Reduced corrosion: The insulation helps to reduce the corrosion of the pipes, as 2-Hole Alumina Tube prevents contact between the pipes and other materials.

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  • Alumina furnace tube

    Alumina furnace tube

    1. Alumina furnace tubes have advantages such as high impact toughness, high compressive strength, heat resistance, and impact resistance that glass cannot match.
    2. Alumina furnace tubes have excellent wear resistance and a long service life.
    3. The surface of the alumina furnace tube is smooth and the friction coefficient is low.
    4. Alumina furnace tubes have low volume density and light weight.
    5. It can resist corrosion from various acids, alkalis, and salts, and its hardness is second only to diamonds.
    6. Low thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity, operating temperature up to 1800 ℃.

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  • Alumina tube (One end closed)

    Alumina tube (One end closed)

    1. The composition of alumina tubes is mainly composed of alumina (Al2O3).
    2. Alumina tubes exhibit significant resistance to high temperature, corrosion, wear, and chemical reactions.
    The design of the alumina tube ensures effective heat transfer while providing a sturdy barrier against external components.
    4. The smooth surface finish of the alumina tube minimizes the risk of contamination and accumulation.
    5. Alumina tubes provide an economical and efficient solution for improving equipment life and performance in challenging industrial environments.

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    Alumina Tubes

    Alumina Tubes

    1.High Mechanical Strength: Our Alumina Tubes exhibit remarkable mechanical strength, ensuring durability and reliability in the face of demanding industrial environments. Constructed with precision, these tubes offer exceptional stability and robustness, enabling seamless operations even under extreme conditions.
    2.Optimal Electrical Insulation: With high resistivity and excellent electrical insulation properties, Alumina Tubes guarantee a safe and reliable electrical infrastructure. Your equipment will be safeguarded against electrical currents, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and protecting your investments from potential damages.
    3.High Temperature Resistance: Industries often encounter extreme temperatures, and our Alumina Tubes are designed to withstand the heat. With an impressive melting point and remarkable resistance to temperature variations, they ensure that your operations run smoothly, even in the harshest environments.

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