Factors affecting the wear amount of alumina ceramics


Factors affecting the wear amount of alumina ceramics

Alumina Ceramic

99 alumina can be used to manufacture precision ceramic substrates. The substrates made of it have smooth surface, uniform composition, high strength, good flexibility, easy cutting and processing, and are widely used in industrial production. In addition, it can also be used to make high-temperature crucibles, refractory furnace tubes and special wear-resistant materials, such as precision ceramic bearings, special ceramic seals, etc.

There are four main factors affecting the wear amount of alumina industrial structural ceramics:

1. The working environment time of alumina ceramics;

2. External force on alumina ceramics (impact pressure, working pressure, etc.);

3. The pressure of wear-resistant materials (specific gravity, correlation coefficient, etc.);

4. Medium (including particle size, flow rate, temperature, specific gravity, etc.)

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing level, various new high-performance alumina ceramic materials and new products will continue to emerge, but there are still many characteristics waiting for everyone to research and develop together.

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