alumina ceramic crucible

  • Alumina Ceramic Crucible For Glass Melting Experiment

    1. Alumina ceramic crucible easy to clean and keep clean.Easy to clean after dyeing. 2. Alumina ceramic crucible porcelain hole is very few, water absorption rate is very low.The solution is stored in sealed ceramic crucible to prevent the evaporation, penetration and invasion of foreign bacteria. 3. Alumina ceramic crucible stable chemical properties, durable.This point is better than copper, iron, aluminum and other metal products. 4. Alimina ceramic crucible has a certain acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric carbonate gas erosion ability, not easy to react with these substances, not easy to rust aging. 5. good thermal stability, slow heat transfer.Alumina ceramic crucible has a certain temperature change under the rapid cooling and rapid heat is not easy to crack performance, better than glass, is a bad conductor of heat, heat conduction is slow, used for holding boiling water or hot solution, it is not easy to hot hands.

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  • Slip casting-large size ceramic boat

    Slip casting molding is actually a molding method that has been used for alumina ceramics for a long time. Because gypsum molds are mainly used, the cost is relatively low and it is also relatively easy to shape.

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  • Different categories of rough products waiting to enter the kiln

    Rough parts: alumina ceramic plate, alumina ceramic boat, alumina ceramic crucible ​Waiting for kiln firing

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  • 0606-2024

    Alumina Ceramic Crucibles Used for Melting Precious Metals

    In the world of metallurgy and materials science, alumina ceramic crucibles are gaining widespread recognition for their superior performance in the melting of precious metals. These crucibles, crafted from high-purity alumina, have become indispensable tools for industries requiring high-temperature applications and exceptional material properties. Their usage spans a broad spectrum of sectors, including jewelry making, electronics, aerospace, and scientific research.

  • 1311-2023

    Alumina ceramic crucible (refractory and corrosion-resistant)

    In today's competitive world of scientific research and industrial manufacturing, finding the perfect crucible to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive substances can be challenging. However, with our latest innovation, the alumina ceramic crucible, your search ends here. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted using high-quality materials, these crucibles offer unmatched durability, refractory capabilities, and chemical resistance.

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