Alumina Ceramic Beads

  • Pass Wire Insulator Alumina Beads

    Product Features ▪ Pass wire insulator alumina beads made by 99.3%-99.7% high purity alumina ▪ Pass wire insulator alumina beads beads max working temperature is 1800C ▪ The quality can pass the SGS and DIN43724/DIN43725/DIN40680 ▪ Pass wire insulator alumina beads can do the 1, 2, 3, 4 or multi holes ▪ Without any burrs and sharp corners ▪ Can provide the free sample for testing qualuty first

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  • 1708-2021

    Introduction to the material characteristics and advantages of alumina hollow sphere products

    Alumina hollow spheres and their products are a new type of high-temperature thermal insulation refractory material. It has high strength, good chemical stability, light bulk density, and a large number of closed pores. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, ceramics, and high-temperature and ultra-high temperature for national defense scientific research. On thermal equipment.

  • 0701-2020

    alumina ceramic beads features and applications

    Alumina ceramic beads can be used in the grinding of lithium batteries. This is an emerging industry. alumina ceramic beads can show their charm through their own materials.

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