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  • 2709-2022

    Notice of Correct in Leakeage Rate

    First many appreciate for the guidance provided by the customer of a century-old Japanese chemical company we cooperated with on the important data of our product performance. Through in-depth communication between our technical personnel, we found that there were the errors in the expression of the leakage rate in the performance index and changed it in time.

  • 1602-2023

    Why is wear-resistant alumina ceramic pipe good?

    The reason why wear-resistant alumina ceramic tubes are called good ceramics is that they are not only wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, but also widely used in electric power, high-temperature furnace, vacuum furnace, electrode tube, chemical industry and other industries.

  • 2812-2022

    Application of alumina ceramics in industry

    Alumina industrial ceramic insulation materials are widely used in the walls and roofs of various high temperature furnaces, which are both resistant to high temperature and heat preservation.

  • 2511-2022

    Application of alumina industrial ceramics

    Due to its high temperature insulation, alumina industrial ceramics are used as the thimble and protective tube of thermocouples. The insulation used in atomic reactors is still excellent. In addition, the loss is small and the dielectric constant is small.

  • 1511-2022

    What are the applications of the characteristics of alumina industrial ceramics?

    Due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and other properties, alumina industrial ceramics are used as steel casting sliding nozzle, crucibles and utensils for smelting rare and precious metals, special alloys, high-purity metals, glass wire drawing, and various high-temperature furnaces.

  • 0711-2022

    Density and strength of alumina industrial ceramics

    99%~99.9% alumina ceramics are only used for occasions with particularly high performance requirements.

  • 0111-2022

    Introduction of 99 alumina industrial ceramic tube

    99 alumina industrial ceramic tube refers to engineering ceramics with alumina content higher than 99%. According to the national standard GB/T5593-1999, alumina ceramic materials have high hardness, high strength and low expansion coefficient.

  • 1910-2022

    What are the applications of alumina ceramic tubes in aerospace?

    The advantage of alumina industrial ceramic pipe is its thermal mechanical properties, including expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, thermal capacity, aging under the influence of thermal cycle and the ability to withstand higher temperatures.

  • 1410-2022

    Advantages of alumina ceramic tubes

    Alumina ceramic tubes have the advantages of high mechanical strength, high hardness, low high-frequency dielectric loss, etc. Because of their wide source of raw materials, relatively low price, and mature processing technology, they are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, textiles, aerospace and other fields.

  • 0810-2022

    High temperature and abrasion resistant alumina ceramic tube

    (1) High mechanical strength, bending strength of sintered alumina ceramic products can reach 250MPa, hot pressed products can reach 500MPa, and the strength can be maintained to 900 ℃ under high temperature (2) High resistivity, good electrical insulation performance, normal temperature resistivity 1015 Ω· cm, insulation strength 15kV/mm (3) High hardness, Mohs hardness is 9

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