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  • 2912-2020

    Alumina Ceramic Manufacturer (looking for distributors)

    Alumina ceramic products manufacturer(Looking for distributors)

  • 1604-2021

    Alumina ceramic tube dirty how to do?(一)

    With the continuous development of science and technology, the use of alumina ceramic tube is more and more widely, alumina ceramic tube will be dirty for a long time, so how to do the alumina ceramic tube dirty?

  • 1204-2021

    Production Technology Of Alumina Industrial Ceramics

    Alumina industrial ceramics‍ material has been seen a lot, this kind of industrial ceramic material application of alumina chemical properties, but not alumina and ceramic combination, this kind of alumina ceramic material and other different materials with the same route, thermal conductivity and ductility have a great advantage.Alumina is also the chemical name of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), while the chemical composition of ceramics are usually silicon dioxide (SiO2) and calcium carbonate (CaCO3).The finishing process of alumina ceramics is powder preparation, this preparation method has high molding rate, fast working efficiency and high success rate of products.

  • 0604-2021

    Alumina eramics are used in what fields:

    The function of alumina ceramics is both many and very special.Because of its high temperature resistance and insulation properties, it is widely used in our life and various fields of science.And alumina ceramic insulation strength is very high, plus high temperature resistance and light transmittance is very good, so it is also used in the light-emitting tube.In short, alumina ceramics are widely used in various fields, is a very popular and very important products, oxide products are both many and miscellany, the production of oxide ceramics is naturally diverse.

  • 2603-2021

    Whether Alumina Ceramics Are Resistant To Wear

    With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, alumina ceramics have been widely used in various fields, many consumers will ask whether alumina ceramics wear resistance?The following by the cloud star industrial ceramic manufacturers to explain whether alumina ceramics really wear resistance.

  • 2203-2021

    Market Application Prospect Of Alumina Ceramics

    Alumina ceramics are widely used in the field of lithium battery membrane coating and catalyst carrier because of their excellent physical and chemical properties.

  • 1603-2021

    Application Of Alumina Ceramics --(二)

    Medical.Alumina is more used to make artificial bones, artificial joints, artificial teeth and so on.Alumina ceramics have excellent biocompatibility, biological inertia, physical and chemical stability, high hardness and wear resistance, and are ideal materials for the preparation of artificial bones and joints.​

  • 1203-2021

    Alumina Ceramic Application Field(一)

    Alumina ceramic application field (1) Mechanical aspects.Because of its high hardness, high temperature mechanical properties, good wear resistance, good chemical stability, not easy to bond with metal and other characteristics, it is widely used in hard material cutting, high speed steel cutting, ultra-high speed cutting and other difficult to process materials cutting.

  • 0503-2021

    Advantages Of Alumina Ceramics

    High mechanical strength, the flexural strength of alumina ceramic sintered products can reach 250MPa, hot pressing products can reach 500MPa, the strength can be maintained to 900℃ at high temperature

  • 0103-2021

    Purchasing season in March

    March will usher in the procurement season, the factory equipment, personnel, warehouse has been arranged, customers please rest assured to place an order.

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