alumina ceramic rod

  • 2509-2023

    Completion of road laying in the new factory area

    Congratulations to the new factory area of Jinzhou Yunxing Industrial Ceramics Company, where the road laying has been completed. We will soon be able to enter the office and put into production.

  • 1008-2023

    Refractory Alumina Ceramic Rods

    Unleashing the Power of Refractory Alumina Ceramic Rods .Fire resistance testing using rods, machine internal support rod parts, chemical experiment stirring rods, resistance insulation rod parts, and alumina ceramic rods - these are the keywords that encompass the versatility and immense potential of our Refractory Alumina Ceramic Rods. These rods have gained immense popularity among engineers, researchers, and manufacturers alike due to their outstanding array of characteristics.

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