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    A. The alumina ceramic tube has strong wear resistance. According to investigations, the high wear resistance and ultra-high molecular weight of alumina ceramic tubes can reach more than one million, which is higher than the wear resistance index of general steel alloys, and the wear resistance is doubled. B. The most important corrosion resistance of alumina ceramic tube greatly improves the service life of alumina ceramic tube.

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  • 1708-2023

    ​Alumina ceramic 2 hole tube

    Welcome to our latest post, where we introduce our groundbreaking product - the Alumina Ceramic 2-Hole Tube. With its exceptional mechanical strength, high resistivity, and outstanding electrical insulation, this product is set to revolutionize the world of industrial ceramics.

  • 2104-2021

    Alumina Ceramic Tube Cleaning Method Two: with tools to wash

    Generally for not very dirty ceramic tube, cleaning is very easy, because only need to use some clean water to wash it can.Because it is very wear-resistant, so you can also use some relatively large friction cleaning tools to clean it, no matter how much you use will not cause any loss to it, so we do not have to worry about this.It's easy to clean up with a brush and some detergent.When cleaning, you can use a water gun with higher pressure to wash it, so that it will be more convenient to wash, but also more clean. I believe that many people will have used such a method.

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