Alumina Ceramic Tube

  • Alumina Industrial Ceramic Tube

    Alumina Industrial Ceramic Tube

    A. The alumina ceramic tube has strong wear resistance. According to investigations, the high wear resistance and ultra-high molecular weight of alumina ceramic tubes can reach more than one million, which is higher than the wear resistance index of general steel alloys, and the wear resistance is doubled.
    B. The most important corrosion resistance of alumina ceramic tube greatly improves the service life of alumina ceramic tube.

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    Alumina Furnace Pipe

    Alumina Furnace Pipe

    A. Alumina ceramic tubes are mainly used for protection tubes and insulating tubes of thermocouple thermometers of temperature measuring instruments.
    B. It can also be used in furnace tubes of industrial resistance furnaces, experimental electric furnaces, and heat treatment furnaces.
    C.99.5%-99.7% alumina ceramic tube is the main product of our factory. Conventional alumina ceramic tubes are available from stock all year round.

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